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Head Start School System, Karachi.


Is your Child Safe when he/she attends this School?

Before you start to read this protest, please remember that one day your child could (Allah Forbid) be in this situation of child abuse of any magnitude and when the guilty take no responsibility that's when the injustice starts. 

The following is a summary of the ordeal. (For a complete understanding, all supporting document links on the left bar have to be read)

In this case, the incident occurred on a Friday, traumatized, the incident caused the child to lose his appetite, vomit and his refusal to go to school. The parents, although hard to stay patient, are still following a civilized procedure to expose these hypocrite culprits (primarily the HSS founder: Raza Minhas) that give educators and institutions a bad name having no regard for the safety and welfare of the children. These are the people who are supposedly meant to teach our children morals and responsibility but at the end lack these values themselves. The guilty teacher Ms. Amber still enjoys her immunity and is kept responsible for other young children some perhaps too young to complain about her actions.

In this open document it is declared that Raza Minhas can keep the security deposit and all related requests for his retirement fund, a volunteer charity (sadaqah). It was requested back from him by the parent but as you read on, his failure to understand the principal behind the issue and his incompetency is not worth the effort of the parents to request it again.

A three and a half year old child was slapped by his teacher, Ms Amber, in the Head Start School System Kindergarten PECHS Branch, Karachi. The school system failed to present one competent individual to take responsibility of the matter and follow through, to give a honest apology without attempts of mild justifications, to regain the confidence of the parents. Instead, the parent of the child was pushed to and fro between the branch and the head office of HSS in a lame attempt to discourage the pursuit. 

Presently the child, high achiever in the class of the previous school year (pre-nursery), has been transferred to another School (mid October) by the parents, regardless of the loss of initial investment and tuition plus the 15% annual increment paid to the school. The parents had no choice but to take this action for the safety and welfare of the child as what had followed after the child abuse incident were a series of incompetent, unprofessional, unethical behavior from the Founder, Raza Minhas, down to all levels of his management to cover up and diffuse the situation and discourage parents with bureaucracy.

What the parents are guilty of in getting the child admitted to this School is best described in part of the article by Sufyan Aquil, i.e.

The situation was escalated by the founder of HSS, Raza Minhas. Raza Minhas was approached only when his staff including the Vice Principal (Samina Abdulla) at the branch proved to be completely incompetent, irresponsible to carry on their duties and refused to meet the parents regarding this issue. The first letter sent to Raza Minhas was when Ms Naseema at the branch stated that the vice principal is busy with meetings and will not meet the parent for this case, a meeting with Samina Abdulla followed later (Samina stated in the meeting that she has no authority on what action to take and it is up to the Head Office to decide, then why is the parent sent to meet her?); the second letter was sent to Minhas when later the same vice principal ignored three messages from the parent on three different/consecutive days to call back which was regarding a pending 2 week evaluation meeting that Samina herself had suggested. (Please refer to the time line and letters for details). At no time did Raza Minhas have the courtesy to contact the parent directly to acknowledge or accept responsibility.

His first failure, given the benefit of the doubt, was when he did not reply to a first letter addressed to him but pushed the issue to Samina Abdulla (Vice Principal who had initially refused to meet the parent over the issue).

The second letter clearly stated to Raza Minhas that the child has been transferred to another school (reasons stated) and a refund of the security deposit, transfer certificate and other formalities be sent by mail at the parent's expense if the school cannot bear it, in an appropriate period of 2 weeks, if not, the reason should be given in writing by him only. At this point it should have been clear to this educator that the parent did not want to indulge in any dialogue with the Branch staff that has proved to be incompetent and irresponsible (it was clearly stated in the letter that no effort will be wasted to correspond with HSS administration in the future).  Raza Minhas failed to realize the principals behind the last correspondence. In return, Raza Minhas shamefully again had Samina Abdulla send an email after a week requesting that the parent again write her a request for the same and a 4 week processing time would be involved. (email attached). If this is not an example of one of the biggest farce in school bureaucracy, then what is? Samina Abdulla uses a word "amicable" in her email, if she really understood how the parents had approached and stayed patient throughout this ordeal she would not have further disgraced herself by using vocabulary that does not suit her persona.

Both letters were delivered by email, acknowledged by HSS (Ms. Ramla, first letter acknowledgement over the telephone and the second by email) and copies of letters were also couriered by TCS on 17 October 2011.



Introduction of all HSS Karachi Staff/Administrators involved

Time Line of Events

First letter to Raza Minhas (Dated 19 September 2011)

Details of the meeting with Vice Principal Samina Abdulla (Dated 21 September 2011)

Second letter to Raza Minhas (Dated 17 October 2011)

Email acknowledgement by Ms. Ramla for second letter (Dated 17 October 2011)

Email by Assistant Aaethsham for appointment (Dated 18 October 2011)

Email from Parent to HSS Head Office with attachment letter/s and TCS receipt for both First and second letter

Email by Vice Principal Samina Abdulla (Dated 21 October 2011)